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(ii) Vice-President (Asia) ISSMGE, E.C. Shin
(iii) Chairman of TC-202, E Tutumluer
(iv) Director, IIT Delhi
(v) President, Indian Geotechnical Society, GL Sivakumar Babu
(vi) Foreward, Chairman ISGTI 2018, R Sundaram
Organising Committee
International Advisory Board
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1 Field Performance Evaluations of Sustainable Aggregate By-product Applications Erol Tutumleur, Issam Qamhia, Hasan Ozer
2 Applicability Evaluation of Slope Disaster Risk Assessment Method in Snowy Cold Regions Tatsuya Ishikawa, Srikrishnan Siva Subramanian, Tetsuya Tokoro
3 Concepts and Methodologies for Track Improvement and Associated Physical Modelling and Field Monitoring Buddhima Indraratna, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Qideng Sun, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Fernanda Bessa Ferreira
4 Damage of Heavy Rain on Local Transportation Line Ikuo Towhata
5 Effects of Under-Track Crossings on Ballasted High Speed Railway Lines William Powrie, Louis Le Pen, David Milne, Geoff Watson, John Harkness
6 Stochastic Modeling of Flexible Pavement Performance GL Sivakumar Babu, Deepthi Mary Dilip
7 Application of Coir Geotextiles in Rural Roads in India G. Venkatappa Rao
8 Surfactant Grout and Its Application in CIP for Metro Construction Project Eun Chul Shin, Bong-Geun Park, Yong-Kwan Rim
9 Design Methods for Base Stabilization of Paved Roads Pietro Rimoldi
10 Challenges in Design and Construction of Embankments and Pavements Shahrokh Bagli
11 Design Approach to Rockfall related problems Giorgio Giacchetti, Marco L. Deana, Minimol Korulla
12 Case Histories on the Application of Vacuum Preloading and Geosynthetics Reinforced Soils in Indonesia Tjie-liong Gouw, Matteo Lelli
13 Seasonal Variations in Properties of Expansive Soils along a Railway Corridor in Western India Sanjay Gupta , Ravi Sundaram, Sorabh Gupta
14 Smart Sensing on Tunnel Defects by Artificial Intelligence Hongwei Huang, Qingtong Li, Dongming Zhang
15 Unified Prediction method for the rainfall-induced landslides and debris flows Sangseom Jeong
16 Geotechnical Design of Underground Infrastructure - Outlining the Observational Approach Florian Krenn
17 Performance of a Low Calcium Fly ash-Geopolymer Stabilized RAP Base Sireesh Saride, Maheshbabu Jallu
18 Evaluation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Tracks on Clayey Subgrade JT Shahu, Sowmiya Chawla
19 Analyses and Design of the Highly Jointed Slopes on the Abutments of the World’s Highest Railway Bridge Across the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir State, India, T G Sitharam, Srinivas Mantrala A.K.Verma
20 Bridge Foundations In Strata With Potential Of Liquefaction Mahesh Tandon
21 Challenges of Tunnelling through Himalayas – Status, Pitfalls and Way Forward Manoj Verman


1 Design Model For Strength And Location Of Geogrids For Road Stabilization Pietro Rimoldi, Minimol Korulla
2 Behaviour Of Cohesive Soil-Flyash Layered Matrix Under Cyclic Loading M. Junaid Khan, Mehboob Anwer Khan, Altaf Usmani, Kausar Ali
3 Effect Of Road Mesh Reinforcement In Granular Bases Under Repeated Loading Lekshmi Suku, Ratnakar Mahajan, GL Sivakumar Babu
4 Analytical Pavement Design For Super Single Tires In Place Of Dual Tire Using Iit Pave Software With A Case Study Swapan Bagui, Kaushal Verma, Atasi Das
5 Evaluation Of Stresses In Flexible Pavements Using Non-Linear Regression Analysis Pranav RT Peddinti, Munwar Basha B, Sireesh Saride
6 Challenges Of Unbonded Concrete Overlay Design Using Pavement Mechanistic-Empirical Design Rafiqul A. Tarefder, Gauhar Sabih
7 Soil Treatment With Lime For Fine Clayey Soils: An Economical Solution For Subgrade, Sub Base, Base & Capping Layers Denayer Christophe, Tebaldi Gabriele, Amit Kumar, Larisa Cristina Soporan
8 Potential Of Marble Dust To Improve The Physical Behavior Of Soil Arvind Kumar Jha, Ankush Kumar Jain, Shivanshi
9 Comparison Of Strength Of Recycled Bituminous Pavementin Design And After Execution Yash Pandey, Atasi Das
10 Challenges Of Embankment Design To Comply With Statutory Requirements For Environment Protection Vimal Kumar, K.N. Agrawal, A. Sridharan
11 Laboratory And Fem Study On Construction &Demolition Wasteand Fly Ashfor Use As A Pavement Material Rohan R. Deshmukh, Satyajeet Patel, J.T. Shahu
12 Challenges In Renovation Of Existing Runway And Its Extension – A Case Study Satyajit Roy, Rajesh Khanna, Mahabir Dixit
13 A Critical Review On Evaluation Of Pavement Drainage Systems Mustafa A. Ghasia, Yogesh U. Shah, Veerabhadra Rotte


1 Railway Structure Pile Design Comparison Considered With The Difference Of Japan And India Torajiro Fujiwara, Lalit Kumar, Junyasawame, Suguruikejima
2 Effect Of Underground Blast On Underlying Ground Media Below Substructure Ranjan Kumar, Kapilesh Bhargava, Deepankar Choudhury
3 Effect Of Piled Structures On The Tunnel Stability For Different Pile-Tunnel Configurations M. Wasif Naqvi, Mohd. Ahmadullah Farooqi
4 Comparison Of Breakage Models For Coarse Granular Materials With Special Reference To Railways Rakesh Sai Malisetty, Buddhima Indraratna, Jayan S. Vinod
5 Construction Of Cross Passages Completely Submerged Under Ground Water Ayush Raj, Ashwani Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Mittal
6 Excess Pore Water Pressure Generation And Mud Pumping In Railways Under Cyclic Loading Aruni Abeywickrama, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn
7 Flexural Response of Rails on Visco-Elastic Foundations under Moving Loads Priti Maheshwari Shashank Bhatra
8 A Review On Vibration Generation Due To Subway Train And Mitigation Techniques Naveen Kumar Kedia, Anil Kumar
9 Dynamic Analysis On Multilayer Of Cohesionless Soil Subgrade Of Railway Track With Plaxis And Matlab R. K. Bharti, Mahabir Dixit
10 Critical Appraisal Offoundation And Substructure Code For Highway Bridges (Irc:78-2014) Alok Bhowmik
11 Analysis Of Chawri Bazar Area Tunnel Of Delhi Metro Sandeep Bhardwaj, K. G. Sharma


1 Controlling Soil And Water Acidity In Acid Sulfate Soil Terrains Using Permeable Reactive Barriers Subhani Medawela, Buddhima Indraratna, Udeshini Pathirage, Ana Heitor
2 Design And Construction Approach Of Marine Rock Socketted Piles For An Oil Jetty Project S. Gurnani, K. R.Vinjamuri, A.Usmani, C. Singh
3 Response Of Pile Foundation In Alternate Liquefying And Non-Liquefying Layers In Spreading ground Praveen Huded M, Suresh R Dash
4 Effect Of Field Bends On The Response Of Buried Pipelines Crossing Strike-Slip Fault Gautam S Nair, Suresh R Dash, Goutam Mondal


1 Soil Nailing For Failed Slope Stabilization On Hilly Terrain Shuvranshu Kumar Rout, Manos De, Anup Kumar Mandal, Biswajit Das
2 Landslide & Rockfall Mitigation Works In Uttarakhand – Case Study Pankaj Kr. Mourya, Minimol Korulla, Shabana Khan, Ankit Kachhal
3 Stability Assessment Of Reinforced Rock Slope Based On Two-Dimensional Finite Element Approach: A Himalayan Case Study Aswathi CK, Amalesh Jana, Arindam Dey, Sreedeep S
4 Stability Assessment Of Rock Slope And Design Of Rock Slope Reinforcement Kallam Naveen Reddy, Adapa Murali Krishna
5 Geotechnical Evaluation Of A Landslide In The Lesser Himalayas Ravi Sundaram, Sorabh Gupta, Rudra Budhbhatti, Kinjal Parmar
6 Performance-Based Procedure For Prediction Of Lateral Resistance Of Slope Stabilizing Piles Sajid Iqbal
7 A Comparison Of 1D And 2D Spatial Variability In Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis Rubi Chakraborty, Arindam Dey
8 Use Of Hybrid Geosynthetics In Mitigatingrainfall Inducedslope Instability Dipankana Bhattacherjee, B V S Viswanadham
9 Analysis Of Effect Of Reinforcement On Stability Of Very Steep Slopes Akshay Kumar Jha, Madhav Madhira, G.V. N. Reddy
10 Analysis And Design Of Large Portal Slopes Under Varying Site Conditions P. Choudhary, B.Manna, A.Usmani
11 Taming The Hill Roads – A Case Study Arun Kumar Singh, Atasi Das, Anand Raghuvanshi
12 Seismic Response Of A Steep Nailed Soil Slope: Shaking Table Test And Numerical Studies S. Sahoo, B. Manna, K. G. Sharma
13 Steep Slope Stabilization Under Saturated Conditions R. Besra, A.Usmani, V.K.Panwar
14 Analysis Of Slope Failures On Sagam-Inderwan Road And Suggested Remedial Measures Muzamillah Mohi-Ud-Din, F.A.Mir
15 Sustainable Landslide Mitigation Measures – A Case Study On Lambagarh Praveen Kumar, Minimol Korulla, Saurabh Chaurasia


1 Evaluation Of Performance Of The Roadmesh Reinforcement Pavement At Trial Stretch On Chita-Khabarovsk Autoroad Ushakov Victor, Inshakov Aleksander
2 Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall With Concrete Panel Facing And Geostripreinforcement: Instrumentation And Data Interpretation Summary Sachin Mandavkar, Dov Leschinsky, Giulia Lugli, ini Korulla, Rudra Budhbhatti
3 Capturing Pavement Performance Of An Instrumented Pavement Section Under FWD Loading Zafrul H Khan, Rafiqul A Tarefder
4 Increasing Mechanised Ballast Renewal Output Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Silky Agrawal, Amit Prashant, Raghvendra Pratap Singh
5 Non Destructive Intrinsic Self Sensing Method For Health Monitoring Of Sub And Super Structures Vinothkumar M, R. Malathy
6 Geotechnical Design Parameters For A Metro Tunnel From Pressuremeter Tests Ravi Sundaram, Sanjay Gupta, Sorabh Gupta, Bhajan Lal
7 Use Of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) As An Effective Tool In Assessing Pavements Ruchita Salvi, Ajinkya Ramdasi, Yashwant Kolekar, Lata V Bhandarkar


1 Laboratory Characterization Of Bituminous Pavements Reinforcement With Synthetic Interlayers Using Fatigue Flexure Testing P. Pezzano, C. Sangiorgi, P. Tataranni, N. Bonucchi, C. Lantieri
2 Effects Of Stabilization On Engineering Characteristics Of Fly Ash As Pavement Subbase Material Deepti Patel, Rakesh Kumar, Krupesh Chauhan, Satyajit Patel
3 Geogrid Reinforced Soil Walls With Marginal Backfills Subjected To Rainfall: Numerical Study Midhula Jayanandan, B.V.S. Viswanadham
4 Influence Of Crack Depth On Performance Of Geosynthetic Reinforced Asphalt Overlays Vinay Kumar V, Sireesh Saride
5 Settlement Performance Of Geogrid-Stabilised Sub-Ballast Using Simulated High-Speed Rail Forces M Horton., Z Yu., D P Connolly
6 Jarofix Waste Material In Embankment Construction A. K. Sinha, Vasant G.Havanagi
7 Red Mud - Fly Ash Mix As An Embankment Fill Material Parvathi Geetha Sreekantan, A. K. Sinha, Vasant Havangi
8 Stabilisation Of Stiffer Rail Track Substructure Using Artificial Inclusion Sinniah K. Navaratnarajah, Buddhima Indraratna
9 Improved Performance Of Railroad Ballast Using Geogrids Chuhao Liu, Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna
10 Review On Compaction And Shearing-Induced Breakage Of Granular Material Miriam Tawk, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Ana Heitor
11 The Influence Of Rubber Crumbs On The Energy Absorbing Property Of Waste Mixtures Yujie Qi, Buddhima Indraratna, Ana Heitor, Jayan S. Vinod
12 Investigations On Geosynthetic Encapsulated Ballast Under Repeated Loading Unnikrishnan N., Sony Sanjeev
13 Experimental Study On Geocell And Of Fiber Reinforced Soil Sub-Grade Under Static And Repetitive Load Adepu Ramesh, Ch. Nageshwar Rao, M. Kumar
14 Characterization Of Cement Stabilised Flyash For Use As Structural Layer In Rural Road Pavements Anusree Bhowmik, Umesh Chandra Sahoo
15 The Use Of Under Sleeper Pads To Improve The Performance Of Rail Tracks Chamindi Jayasuriya, Buddhima Indraratna, Fernanda Bessa Ferreira
16 Interface Behavior Of Geogrid-Reinforced Sub-Ballast: Laboratory And Discrete Element Modeling Ngoc Trung Ngo, Buddhima Indraratna
17 Use Of Glass Grid And Sami As Reinforced Interlayer In Runway Satyajit Roy, Mahbir Dixit
18 Incorporation Of The Influence Of Hexagonal Stabilisation Geogrids Into Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Method M Horton, Piotr Mazurowski, Timothy Oliver
19 Laboratory Performance Evaluation Of New Types Of Jute Geotextiles For Rural Roads Mahuya Ghosh, G.Vekatappa Rao, U. S. Sarma
20 Analytical Modelling Of Indian-Made Biodegradable Jute Drains For Soft Soil Stabilization: Progress And Challenges Kirti Choudhary, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn, Buddhima Indraratna, P.K. Choudhury
21 Use Of Eco-Friendly Material For Drainage And Filtration In Reinforced Soil Walls – A Case Study M. V. Suresh, Ratnakar R. Mahajan, Kinjal Parmar
22 Numerical Study On Cyclic Shear Behavior Of Soil-Geosynthetics interface R. Roy, H. Venkateswarlu, A. Hegde
23 Model Study On Re Wall Using Municipal Solid Waste As Backfill Material Kinjal H. Gajjar, M.V. Shah, Alpa J. Shah
24 Flexible Pavement Reinforced With Planer Reinforcement - Experimental Study G. Narendra Goud, B. Umashankar
25 Use Of Jute Geotextile In Strength Enhancement Of Soft Subgrade Soil Shalinee Shukla, Ram Prakash Tiwari, Vaishali Rajbhar, Ayush Mittal


1 Development Of Tunnel Design In Weak Permo-Carboniferous Ground Liga Likar, Melanija Huis, Andrej Likar, Jakob Likar
2 Inflow Analysis Into Underground Excavations In Jointed Rockmass Santosh Takras
3 Critical Evaluation On Retention Of Fine Sand Through Soil Nailing For Construction Of Rail Underpass By Box Jacking - A Case Study Kanwar Singh, Satyendra Mittal, P.S Prasad, Kishor Kumar
4 Finite Element Analysis Of Ground Movements & Geotechnical Capacity Loss Induced Due To Shield Tunnels Animesh Sharma
5 Analytical Determination Of Capacity Of Pile Using Base Grouting And Shaft Grouting With A Case Study For Indian Scenario Swapan K. Bagui, Atasi Das
6 Direct Shear Strength Of Natural Rock Joints Sandeep Bhardwaj, K.S.Rao


1 Volume Compressibilityand Pore Pressure Response Of Kutch Soils With Varying Plastic And Non-Plastic Fines Majid Hussain, Ajanta Sachan
2 Asphalt Reinforcement In The Rehabilitation Of A Concrete Road Pavement In Brazil Graham Thomson, Fabiana Leite-Gembus, Cássio Alberto Teoro Do Carmo
3 Critical Appraisal Of Shear Strength Parameters Of In-Situ Sub-Soil By SPT Lakshmi Mulagala, Kadam Ani Lravaji
4 Study On Strength And Volume Change Behaviour Of Expansive Soil Using Non-Traditional (Bio-Enzyme) And Traditional (Lime& Bagasse Ash) Stabilizers Srinivas F. Chitragar, Chandrashekhar B. Shivayoginath, Raviraj H. Mulangi
5 Development Of Freeze-Thaw Water Retention Test Apparatus For Coarse Granular Materials Tomoyuki Aoyagi, Yang Jiaqiang, Shingomatsutani, Ishikawa Tatsuya, Takahisanakamura, Yoshitsugu Momoya
6 Contact Pressure Distribution In Geocell Reinforced Rural Roads Vijay Kumar Rayabharapu, Sireesh Saride
7 Model Tests To Determine Lateral Load Capacity Of Helical Piles Embedded In Sand Sweta Dave, Mohit Soni
8 Strengthening Low Plastic Soils Using Micro Fine Cement Through Deep Mixing Methodology Parth Shah, Manish Shah, Abhay Gandhi
9 Performance Analysis Of Plaxis Modelsof Stone Columns In Soft Marine Clay M.Vinoth, P.S.Prasad, U.K. Guru Vittal
10 A Comparative Study Of Design And Construction Practice Of Stone Column Suprit Jakati, Anirudha Joshi, Yashwant A Kolekar
11 Use Of Dynamic Compaction In Constructing Subgrades Over Reclaimed Fills Saptarshi Kundu, B.V.S. Viswanadham
12 Utilisation Of Waste Plastic Shreds For Stabilisation Of Soil Shwetha Prasanna
13 Use Of Geosynthetics In Mitigating The Effects Of Mud-Pumping: In The Context Of Railway Engineering Mandeep Singh, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn
14 An Elastic Visco-Plastic Model For Soft Soil With Reference To Radial Consolidation Pankaj Baral, Buddhima Indraratna, Cholachat Rujikiatkamjorn
15 Experimental Study On Flyash-Stabilized Expansive Soil Nigade-Saha Sanjivani D, B. V. S. Viswanadham
16 Variation Of CBR Values Of Laterite Soil Mixed With Jarofix And Lime Santhosh.G, K.S.Beena
17 Influence Of Lime And Fiber On Strength And Consolidation Characteristics Of Expansive Soil Monowar Hussain, Subhradeep Dhar
18 Effect Of Bagasse Ash Admixture On Geotechnical Properties Of Shedi Soil In Addition With Lime And Sodium Salts Chethan N, Ramesh H N, Nethravathi S
19 Effect Of Granular Layer Strength And Thickness On Jute Geotextiles Reinforced Rural Road Souvik Patra, Ashis Kumar Bera
20 Study On Pavement Soil Subgrade Properties With Reinforced Fibres Kh. Lakshman Singh, Manish Jamatia
21 Overcoming Geotechnical Challenges In Rail And Metro Projects Using Ground Improvement Jonathan Daramalinggam, Madan Kumar Annam
22 Utilization Of Class ‘C’ Fly Ash In Flexible Pavement System – A Review Amruta R. Joshi, Satyajit Patel, J.T. Shahu
23 Performance Of Geocell Reinforced Flexible Pavements G. Sridevi, C. Krishnaraju, Sudarshan Gouda, Shivaraj Antaratana
24 Improving The Performance Of Ordinary Stone Column By Geotextile Encasement Anil Kumar Choudhary, Binex Kunjumon, Jagadanand Jha
25 Liquefaction Countermeasures For Soil Supporting Existing Structures: A Review Adyasha Swayamsiddha Amanta, Satyanarayana Murty Dasaka
26 Improvement In Geotechnical Properties Of Soil Reinforced With Jute Fiber Parvesh Kumar, Fayaz Ahmad Mir
27 Optimization Of Cost And Fibre Quantity In Soil Stabilisation P. G. Sonar, S. R. Bhagat
28 Elasto-Plastic Analysis Of A Tunnel Strengthened By Grouting Vinothkumar M, R.Malathy
29 Bioenzymatic-Lime Stabilization Of Different Soils Amit Joshi, C.H. Solanki
30 Ground Improvement Using Industrial Waste Materials Reshmi G, Anirban Mandal


1 Performance Of ANN Model In Predicting The Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundation Mozaher Ul Kabir, Syed Shadman Sakib, Istiakur Rahman, Hossain Md. Shahin
2 Influence Of Osmotic Suction And Tree Roots On The Stability Of Coastal Soils Pubudu Jayathilaka, Buddhima Indraratna, Ana Heitor
3 Reliability Analysis Of Permeable Layer In Pavement Subsurface Drainage System Shubham A. Kalore,G.L. Sivakumar Babu,Rajib B. Mallick
4 Influence Of Swelling On Flexible Pavements: A Numerical Study Thara S N, Anirban Mandal, Sivram Ram Karumanchi