Keynote Speakers

Prof. E.C. Shin
Vice-President (Asia) ISSMGE
Incheon National University, Republic of Korea
Presentation Title : Surfactant Grout and lts Application in CIP for Metro Construction project

Prof. Erol Tutumluer
University of Illinois at Urbana, USA
Chairman TC-202
Presentation Title : Field Performance Evaluations of Sustainable Aggregate By-product Applications

Prof. Tatsuya Ishikawa
Hokkaido University, Japan
Secretary TC-202
Presentation Title : Applicability Evaluation of Slope Disaster Risk Assessment Method in Snowy Cold Regions

Prof. Buddhima Indraratna
University of Wollongong, Australia
Executive Member TC-202
Presentation Title : Track Improvement Concepts, Large Scale Physical Modelling and Case Histories

Prof. William Powrie
University of Southampton, UK
Executive Member TC-202
Presentation Title : Effects of Under-Track Crossings on Ballasted High Speed Railway Lines

Prof. Ikuo Towhata
Member of Executive Committee
Presentation Title : Slope stability, landslides, debris flows and avalanches on hilly roads and remedial measures

Sangseom Jeong
President, Korean Geotechnical Society
Presentation Title : Unified Prediction method for the rainfall-induced landslides and debris flows

Pietro Rimoldi
Civil Engineering Consultant
Milano, Italy
Presentation Title : Design Methods for Base Stabilization of Paved Roads

Prof. Sivakumar Babu
IISc Bangalore, India
President, Indian Geotechnical Society
Presentation Title : Stochastic Modeling of Flexible Pavement Performance

Prof. G.V. Rao
(retd) IIT Delhi
Guest Professor IIT Gandhinagar
Presentation Title : Application of Natural Fibre Geotextiles in Rural Roads in India