Invited Speakers

Shahrokh Bagli
Chief Technology Officer
Strata Geosystems
Presentation Title : Challenges in design and construction of pavements and embankments.

Giorgio Giacchetti
Rockfall Technical specialist, Alpigeo Consultant company, Belluno, Italy
Presentation Title : Design Approach to Rockfall related problems

Tjie-Liong GOUW
President, Indonesian Chapter of International Geotextile Society (IGS)
Presentation Title : Case Histories on the application of Vacuum Preloading and Geosynthetics Reinforced Earth in Indonesia.

Sanjay Gupta
Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt. Ltd.,
Presentation Title : Seasonal Variations In Properties Of Expansive Soils Along Railway Corridor In Western India

Hongwei Huang
President, Engineering Risk and Insurance Research Institute of China Civil Engineering Society
Tongji University, China
Presentation Title : Smart Sensing on Tunnel Defects by Artificial Intelligence

Florian Krenn
Managing Director
GEOCONSULT India Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Presentation Title : Geotechnical Design of Underground Infrastructure - Outlining the Observational Approach

Sireesh Saride
Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Hyderabad, India
Presentation Title : Performance of Fly ash-Geopolymer Stabilized RAP Bases

JT Shahu
I.I.T., Delhi
Presentation Title : Evaluation of geosynthetic reinforced tracks on clayey subgrade.

T. G. Sitharam
IISC, Bangalore
Presentation Title : Design and Analyses of CHENAB bridge foundations and Abuttment Slope stabilisation measures: World’s highest elevated Rail bridge.

Mahesh Tandon
Tandon Consultants Pvt Ltd (TCPL)
Presentation Title : Bridge foundations in strata with potential of liquefaction.

Manoj Verman
President, International Society For Rock Mechanics
Presentation Title : Challenges of Tunnelling through Himalayas – Status, Pitfalls and Way Forward